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Myles-Downey Myles-Downey

Myles Downey is a writer, speaker, consultant, innovator and is widely regarded as one of the leading coaches in the UK and Europe.

He founded The School of Coaching in 1996 and then The School of Coaching International in 2015 to bring the best coaching training to wider global audience. He created the first and only automated coaching system, Enable, in 2014 designed to offer high quality coaching to the many, affordably.

He has written Effective Coaching which sold 30,000 copies and was considered a seminal work on coaching, and published ‘Effective Modern Coaching’ in 2014. From 2013 to 2015 he led the ‘Enabling Genius Research Project’ with an international team resulting in ‘Enabling Genius – a mindset for the 21st Century’ to be published in March 2016. The project is an on-going exploration of what it takes to maximise performance.

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Myles Downey

Maxim Maxim

Maxim Belukhin, executive individual and team coach. Maxim has designed an approach to help organizations and individuals resolve their business issues through self-development.

Maxim is a partner of several famous global Leadership Development Institutions.

Maxim Belukhin

Sue-Coyne Sue-Coyne

Sue Coyne PCC, leadership and team coach and creator of the Effective Leadership Launcher on-line blended coaching programme.

Sue is passionate about supporting leaders in enabling genius to flow through their organisations. She models this by enabling genius to flow in her own life.


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Sue Coyne

Caroline-Cryer Caroline-Cryer

BA Joint Hons, MSc Occupational Psychology, MSc Coaching and Behaviour Change. Caroline is a leadership development specialist who has worked in large, global organisations designing and delivering game-changing learning and leadership development agendas.

She is driven by a passion and purpose to enable everyone to have the opportunity and choice to be the best they can be, in whatever their chosen field.

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Caroline Cryer

Tamara-Cutrin Tamara-Cutrin

After obtaining her degree in education, Tamara focused her professional career in emotional intelligence and coaching ( personal, team and executive).

After achieving her skills as a coach, Tamara was focused here energies towards research into the neuroscience field. Tamara has just completed a Masters Degree in Neuro Science at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

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Tamara Cutrín Millán

James-Gairdner James-Gairdner

Executive Summary:

James is a Director at James Gairdner Associates Ltd, a design led consultancy specialising in the provision of transformational leadership programmes that focus on surfacing the glitches in our thinking and thus creating dramatic shifts in self awareness, strategic decision making, creativity and collaboration.


James is a leadership development specialist, accredited executive coach, team facilitator, MBA and authority in thinking and complex systems. He has a proven track record of delivery across diverse industries and geographies.

Prior to specialising in leadership development, James held senior sales, brand marketing and general management roles in global organisations including: Coca-Cola, Campbell’s Soup Company, HBOS plc and Lloyds Banking Group. Over the course of his career he lived and worked In the UK, Europe, GCC, North America, Australia, Asia, and Africa.

In 2009 James retrained as an executive coach with the School of Coaching. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Executive Coaching which is accredited by the University of Strathclyde and recognised by EMCC and ICF and an MBA (Distinction) from Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Sydney. He is also accredited to administer a variety of individual and team psychometrics including TMP and Hogan and is licensed to teach the Integrative Thinking programme from The University of Toronto. James has designed and led senior level leadership programmes across a wide range of geographies including Scandanavia, Asia, North America and the UK, and in a broad range of industries both private and public including Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Technology, FMCG and Government.

James’ approach is heavily influenced by Behavioural Economics and the work of thought leaders like Daniel Kahneman, Dan Ariely, Gerd Gigerenzer and Roger Martin and has studied at The Rotman School of Management (voted no.1 for new skills and learning by the FT) and the Stanford dSchool, California. James helps leaders navigate volatile, ambigious and highly complex environments by focusing on surfacing the glitches in their thinking and thus creating dramatic shifts in self awareness, strategic problem solving, creativity and collaboration. He is particularly interested in how our thinking processes can sometimes undermine our best intentions and through his leadership engagements seeks to uncover the unconscious biases that have us be less that we can be.

His research interests lie in understanding the fundamental role that mind-set has in determining our behaviours and our outcomes. This has lead to an increasing interest in the work of Carl Jung and in particular the potentially powerful interplay between conscious and unconscious in leading edge executive development. He lives in West Sussex and is a devoted MAMIL.

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James Gairdner

Ian-Harrison Ian-Harrison

Ian Harrison’s work is increasingly focused on the way identity and purpose, both shared and individual, impact on the performance of organisations and their employees.

For two years Ian curated the speakers programme for TEDxBrum. He splits his time between working with businesses and arts organisations. Ian is the director of Aspire Programs Ltd.

Ian Harrison

Richard-Merrick Richard-Merrick

Richard has been a student of performance from his early career in the R.A.F, through a successful career in business, to his current work as a mentor and coach to new business ventures.

At the heart of his approach is a relentless focus on the individual, on mindsets and innate capabilities more than qualification, and the identification and leverage of what we have come to describe as individual genius.

He is a founder and director of GrowHouse Initiative Ltd, and lives with his wife, an authority on early years education and inquiry, in rural Derbyshire.

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Richard Merrick

Andrei-Mikhailenko Andrei-Mikhailenko

Andrei Mikhailenko, a coach and Partner in Zest Leaders, an international consulting group helping people and organisations go through critical changes in their lives.

Zest Leaders is headquartered in St.Petersburg, Russia, and operates in Europe, South East Asia and South Africa. Andrei, with his particular interest in the transformative power of the inner genius concept, joined the Enabling Genius project in 2013.

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Andrei Mikhailenko

Irena-O’Brien Irena-O’Brien

As a science consultant, Irena O'Brien, PhD, writes and researches in the areas of psychology and neuroscience, specializing in how they apply to business. As a brain-based coach, she coaches business professionals and executives to create flow in their business and personal lives.

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Irena O'Brien

Lino-Pazo Lino-Pazo

Lino Pazó Pampillón, born in Vigo Spain, is a Professional Coach and Mindfulness Consultant. Lino has worked in a number of Management positions in various Automotive companies over the last 25 years and spent the last 6 years as Business Excellence Manager in a Global Automotive Company.

An eternal apprentice, always trying to develop his own genius and help individuals, multicultural and multi functional teams develop theirs.

"Sooner we decide look inside ourselves, less energy we spend rubbing lamps searching for a genius”.

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Lino Pazo

Lena-Sobel Lena-Sobel

Lena Sobel, M.Sc and ACC. Creator of Leadership for Informal Leaders and Leadership for Technical Specialists.

Author of two bestselling books in Swedish: translated: "The Mentor - a practical guide" and "The manager as coach". Lena is passionate about enabling genius in people, teams and workflows.

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Lena Sobel

Craig-Walker Craig-Walker

Craig is the eldest of four siblings. His eldest sister is very severely brain-damaged, and cannot walk, talk, see or sit up yet is truly one of the happiest people he knows, thanks in large part to the generous love & supporting environment that his parents and family helped provide in her growing up. This perspective gives Craig a huge appreciation for what life can take away and therefore fuels him to diligently take on life in the vein that life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Craig is about inspiration, awareness and excellence - and aligns very closely with the Greek philosophy of 'Arête'. With a degree in Business Management & French from the University of Nottingham, a foundation in art and design from Chelsea Art College specialising in visual communications and short film, Craig has also spent time in the mountains of China training with the Shaolins, and at Beijing University studying global entrepreneurship. Succinctly put, he is on a relentless quest for perfection.

His career started in both international and operational marketing with L'Oreal, and he now works for himself with private consultancy work in brand design and strategic marketing. Craig's huge passion for tennis, had him leave his corporate FMCG roll on sabbatical and move to Spain to work with some of the best players in the world - developing his competency as a performance tennis coach and fitness trainer, with added mind-body specialisms in neuroscience, mental skills training, remedial sports massage and biomechanics.

Craig's focus now has him developing a portfolio business vision, whilst also looking to help revolutionise the pursuit of excellence in tennis - via the mediums of being 'on the court' of his life - playing, coaching, consulting and advising on performance in many walks of life - in essence, Enabling Genius!

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Craig Walker

Simon-Williams Simon-Williams

Simon Williams, owner and co founder of DMW, a technology consultancy that has been running for 25 years.

He is a transformation leader with experience of growing SMEs and running major change programs at both public and private sector clients. Simon now focuses on leadership and team development, creating challenging, stimulating work environments.

As a qualified executive coach, he realised the area lacked a convincing scientific approach and eagerly joined the Enabling Genius team to help develop the concept. Outside work he crawls over mountain passes on his bike and murders indie tunes on his guitar.

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Simon Williams

What people are saying

Genius is going beyond your boundaries. It does not matter where you do it, in space or on earth. This book as well as genius itself is available to all. Read it, find your genius, and go beyond."

Sergei Volkov

Russian cosmonaut, live from International Space Station (ISS)

At a time of globalization and many challenges for our one shared earth this book addresses some important questions about how we enable genius, in individuals, teams and organizations that will unleash the new thinking, innovation and action that is urgently needed. This book makes a very helpful contribution to next generation coaching and designing next generation organizations."

Peter Hawkins

Professor of Leadership, Henley Business School, Chairman of Renewal associates and Author of Leadership Team Coaching and many other books

An exceptional book in the true sense of the word. It stands alone in its grasp of what it takes to succeed, not just as leaders, but as people. There are only a few wise masters in the world when it comes to any real understanding of genius and even fewer who share their secrets. Not to be missed!"

Marta Salazar

Entrepreneur and CEO of New Thinking Company

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