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Genius and Emotion by Tamara Cutrín

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After my experience in the project Enabling Genius which resulted in the publication of the book “Enabling Genius, a mindset for success in the 21st century”, I wake up every morning asking myself the same question: what kind of relation exists between genius and emotion?

I try to answer it down below.

What are we talking about when we refer to the emotions?

The emotions are the life essence, the heads and the tails of a person, the origin of the human behaviour and the energy which gives us the strength to make decisions now and in the future.

As human beings, we are basically emotional and secondly, rational. We are continuously experimenting emotions. Throughout the day, the external stimuli (like sounds) and the internal ones (thoughts for example) set our behaviour, our character and our personal relationships with ourselves and other people.

One of the most striking aspects of the emotions is the subjective perception, so that when we feel an emotion our body reacts with a personal experience. Therefore, the emotions are inside us and our aim is to find the best way for each one to let them out.

What is an emotional genius?

An emotional genius knows how to perceive and identify his own emotional states and the people’s ones. An emotional genius chooses the right moment to express these states in an appropriate way.

To understand our own emotions and the emotions of the rest of the people is the key to generate states in order to simplify our thoughts.

The ability to regulate emotions and know all about them is essential to meditate and control the positive and negative emotions, to emphasize the positive ones and make the negative disappear.

What other aspects will help us with emotions?

The emotions may interfere with learning processes and memory, curiosity and creativity.

The emotions lead us to learn because they generate interest and therefore, attention. We learn and memorise the information that makes us feel something, the information we find interesting and also the one which makes us remind a personal issues. The information with which we identify. That is to say, we learn and memorise those things that awaken in us a positive or negative emotion.

The curiosity is the driving force which leads us to the creativity. The positive emotions encourage the creative process because they provide with the capacity to generate original ideas, to solve problems, to explore new thoughts and to see the reality in a different way with the result of creative actions.

Therefore, genius and emotion go hand in hand. We need to learn how to use the emotions in an intelligent way just to find out our genius.

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